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What is the Web Configurator?

The Web Configurator offers a convenient way to customize Remote Two. While adjustments can be made directly on the remote, the Web Configurator provides a broader array of customization options. It operates as a web application on the remote itself, eliminating the need for downloading any additional apps.


Simply use a tablet or desktop computer (currently supported options) to connect to the remote. Keep in mind that if the remote goes to sleep, it disconnects. For extended configuration sessions, place the remote into the dock.


How to enable the web configurator?

For security purposes, the Web Configurator requires a randomly generated PIN for login. To locate this PIN, tap the top right corner of the main screen on your remote, where you see your profile's initial.

If you don't see a PIN displayed, tap the icon next to it to generate a new one. Here, you'll also find the address needed for your web browser. Tapping on this address reveals the remote's IP address, which might work better depending on your network setup.

You have the option here to deactivate the Web Configurator, ensuring that no alterations can be made to your configuration by anyone.



Configuration options

Settings are typically saved automatically, eliminating the need for you to manually save your work. There's a multitude of configurations available through the Web Configurator: you can set up integrations, manage docks, create profiles, personalize the user interface, upload icons and background images, create and manage activities and macros, add IR remotes, and even learn IR codes (through the dock). Additionally, you have the option to back up your configuration and restore it from this interface.

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