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Button mapping

Buttons can be customised for activities and IR devices (referred to as remotes in the Web configurator). For each button, two commands can be assigned. One for short press and one for long press.

To edit the button mapping, go to an activity or remote and press Edit user interface. In the list, for each button, short press is indicated with a dot, while long-press is marked with a line.

If both short and long press is assigned, pressing the button quickly will trigger the command for the short press. Pressing and holding the button will trigger the command for long press after a pre-defined timeout of 800ms. Keeping the button pressed after the long press command is triggered will invoke no action.

If only short press command is assigned, then pressing and holding the button will repeat the command, until the button is released. If the device supports special repeat commands (like IR devices), after the first command, a special repeat command will be sent until the button is released.

IR devices (remotes) might have a pre-defined button mappings, based on the available IR commands. You can override these.

Note: Buttons like Back and Home also used in navigating the user interface. Custom commands can be assigned to these buttons as well, keeping in mind that the UI navigation commands will be overridden and the touchscreen should be used for navigation.

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