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How to modify an infrared (IR) code?

Infrared (IR) devices are managed under the Remotes menu in the Web Configurator.

Navigate to Remotes in the Web Configurator and select the remote you'd like to modify.


To modify an existing IR code or add a new one, press the Pencil icon next to IR data set.


In the popup window, you can see all the IR codes that are in this dataset. Pressing the pencil icon will open a new window where you can learn or paste in new codes to replace. The IR test icon to the right will send the IR command to the configured IR output device & port.

Here you can also add a new IR code, by entering a Button name on the bottom and pressing Add custom button.


After pressing the pencil icon in the list or adding a custom button a popup window will appear, where you can either paste in codes in a supported format or learn IR codes form your existing remotes via the dock.


To learn IR codes select the IR device on the right and press Start learning. If learning was successful, the dock will blink green and the learned code will appear on the left.

If there was an error during the learning process or the code cannot be learned, the dock will blink red.

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