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Network requirements

This article describes the network and firewall requirements for the Remote Two and Dock devices.



Unfolded Circle devices obtain their IP address and other network parameter configurations like DNS, default gateway, etc. via DHCP. Currently only IPv4 is supported.

When setting up a Remote Two and a Dock, you will need to make sure they are on the same subnet. If the devices are used in a managed network environment, make sure, there are no routers or firewalls between the devices and are not isolated by VLANs.


Wireless Network

A wireless router or access point is required for the Remote Two to communicate with the Dock and other devices on your network. The Dock can be setup to use WiFi or ethernet.

The Remote and Dock only support 2.4 GHz wireless networks (IEEE 802.11b/g/n).

The supported wireless feature on the Remote depend on the configured country. This influences the use of higher WiFi channels (12, 13, 14), which are not allowed in all countries.

Please make sure that "client isolation" is not activated in your wireless network. Certain routers and access point have a setting, that the clients can only access the WAN (mostly the internet) but not each other. This would prevent the Remote to communicate with the Dock.


Network Names (SSID)

Only network names with valid UTF-8 character sequences are supported. Emojis are not supported, even though they might work.

Hidden networks are not supported.



Only WiFi networks with WPA/WPA 2 Personal security and open networks without a password are supported.


Unfolded Circle devices rely on mDNS (multicast DNS) protocol to discover each other. As soon as a Remote or Dock has joined the network, it will register itself as an mDNS service in your network. The following mDNS service strings are used:

  • Remote Two: _uc-remote._tcp.
  • Dock: _uc-dock._tcp.

The devices use the domain .local.

In most consumer networks the mDNS protocol is allowed and when the Remote and Dock(s) are on the same network, the Remote should have no difficulties finding the dock(s). However, when using mesh networking or professional networking gear, mDNS may be disabled or only specific mDNS services may be allowed. In such cases, please check the manufacturer's documentation on how to enable mDNS or specific mDNS services.

Note: some network devices require you to add only the mDNS service string to their mDNS allowed list (e.g. Aruba), whereas others require both the service string and domain name to be added to the allowed list (e.g. Cisco).

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