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How to add an infrared (IR) remote?

Infrared (IR) devices are managed under the Remotes menu in the Web Configurator.

Navigate to Remotes in the Web Configurator and press the plus icon.


Enter the name of your remote and search for the manufacturer. Or press Create blank to start with an empty remote entity.


Select the device you'd like to control. Please note that manufacturers commonly utilize identical IR code sets across different models. To simplify this, we offer generic code sets for certain devices, such as TVs, AVRs, and more.


After selecting the device, you can test the codes to make sure they work. Select an IR output device (a dock or the internal IR emitter in the remote for example) and press the buttons to send the codes.


And you're done! An IR remote entity has been added. A user interface is automatically generated with known functions and commands are automatically assigned to physical buttons.


Don't forget to add the remote entity to the UI under the User interface menu in your profile.

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